Who we are

The team

John Rey

Executive Creative Director

John is our creative guru, lead project manager and branding and content development sage. John works between offices in London, LA and Mexico and thrives on the buzz of all three amazing locations. He has over 10 years’ experience developing and executing complex branding, design and marketing solutions for some of the world’s most creative and demanding brands.

John loves to travel and go snowboarding, and is also an exceptional professional photographer with a profound love for travel, portrait and wildlife photography. No-one seems to be able to talk him out of his latest impromptu photography trip. And that’s exactly how he likes it. A word of advice: don’t ask to borrow his tripod; but do ask about the tribulations of fatherhood!

Paul Melhuish

Head of Digital

Paul is an absolute monster when it comes to digital strategy and creative social media solutions. Of course, 15 years of professional focus will do that to you! We sometimes wonder if there is anything Paul doesn’t know about devising and managing online campaigns, strategies and driving digital engagement. He assures us there is but we’re not really convinced.

His background includes working across multiple UK government departments and international communications agencies, servicing a full range of clients from FTSE 100 companies to small innovative start-ups. He has been at the forefront of using state of the art social media listening platforms to scour the digital landscape and isolate the wants, needs and frustrations of online markets so as to understand audience behaviour. Paul’s passions include cooking (and eating), yoga, immense music festivals and cycling around London, and has a particular focus on studying our relationship to sound, music and vision online.

Valentine Stockdale


Valentine is our business advisor, particulary focused on the impact business sector. He actually enjoys writing contracts, but don’t let that worry you: he’s genuinely lovely. And his artistic skills are significant too as a former singer, concert pianist and award-winning writer. With a 10+ year professional background in corporate communications and consulting for media, tech and financial services, Valentine is also experienced in television and high end corporate events production. Valentine genuinely cares about over-delivering and has exceptional attention to detail. His passions include chess, go, Game of Thrones, producing music and a machine-like commitment to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, training 7 days a week to hone his skill, discipline and performance. He’s also a doting father.